September 16, 2008


Computer Forensics Jujitsu


Founder and Chief Strategist -- NetSecurity Corporation

A cyber crime has been committed. The computer used has been identified and is still up and running. The user ("suspect"), "Natalie Kampbell," is claiming that a malware on the system must have downloaded the illicit pornography onto the computer on her behalf. You have been recruited as the forensics professional to conduct this investigation involving Ms. Kampbell, who was still sitting at her computer when the investigators showed up at the doorstep. What steps would you take to find reasonable evidence?

The above scenario is too common today. This presentation walks through the steps that a first responder can execute to produce necessary forensics artifacts that can withstand legal scrutiny of opposing counsel, using just a USB boot disk loaded with forensics tools.

Tuesday September 16, 2008

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Radio Free Asia

2025 M St. NW Washington DC

First Floor Conference Room

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Speaker's Background

Inno Eroraha is the founder and chief strategist of NetSecurity Corporation, a company that provides digital forensics, hands-on security consulting, and Hands-on How-To(r) training solutions that are high-quality, timely, and customer-focused. In this role, Mr. Eroraha helps clients plan, formulate, and execute the best security and forensics strategy that aligns with their business goals and priorities. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, IRS, DHS, VA, DoD, and other entities.

Before founding NetSecurity, Mr. Eroraha was a senior manager of information security at Verisign, Inc. In this capacity, he led and established information security business direction, enforced security policies, developed processes for carrying out best practices to protect critical Internet infrastructures. As an advocate, he significantly heightened security awareness among internal and external software developers, customer service, operations personnel, and senior decision makers.