October 21, 2008

Our October meeting will be a presentation by CoreTrace CTO and Founder Daniel Teal. He will discuss why the 'old' blacklisting and attack signature approaches are falling short and a fresh approach to protecting network endpoints.

Come to learn about new and effective methods to protect your organization's valuable systems and data. And bring a colleague! There is no cost except some time and the results could easily be worth your investment. We'll have light refreshments..

Endpoint Security 2.0: The Emerging Role of

Application Whitelisting Solutions

Daniel Teal

CoreTrace CTO and Founder

Traditional endpoint security solutions are becoming less effective against the constantly changing threats of today. Anti-virus, anti-adware, host IPS, and other solutions have been defeated by skilled attackers and insider threats. This session will review the limitations of current generation products and present new technologies being developed by the security industry-most notably application whitelisting solutions--that can address the ever changing threats organizations face.

Tuesday October 21, 2008

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Radio Free Asia

2025 M St. NW Washington DC

First Floor Conference Room


Presenter: CoreTrace CTO and Founder Daniel Teal

A true technology visionary, Dan has been innovating in the computer security field for over 20 years. As a founder and chief scientist of WheelGroup Corporation, he designed the first commercially available intrusion detection system, NetRanger. WheelGroup was acquired by Cisco Systems in March 1998. Prior to WheelGroup, Dan worked as an information warfare officer at the Air Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC).