Join us on Tuesday, April 28 for our monthly chapter meeting with a special guest speaker:  


Cyber Resilience: “Risk Management” is not enough
by John Eckenrode

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Business operations, enterprise risk management, and cybersecurity are critical functions that require integration to effectively understand, communicate, and manage risk. These functions are usually isolated organizationally, resulting in uninformed risk and resource decisions that can reduce resiliency, and impair efficient execution of mission and business objectives. Organizations must institute organizational tools and behaviors to develop consumable cyber-focused risk intelligence and next-generation resilience methods to respond to the challenges posed by the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Come to this interactive session to gain insights on ensuring continued mission fulfillment and added illumination of “shadow resources” that support mission essential functions.


Speaker bio

john eckenrodeJohn Eckenrode leads the Guidehouse DOD Cyber business and heads up multiple Solution areas in Cyber Resilience, CMMC Pre-Assessment and Mitigation Support, as well as the development of the ICS/SCADA and IOT capabilities. John brings more than 30 years of experience supporting client cybersecurity challenges at the operational, mission, and strategic level, and excels at “connecting the dots” and opening organizational lines of communication to facilitate greater data flow and understanding of both security imperatives, and organizational objectives, leading to greater efficiency and efficacy.

John has worked for a variety of firms leading consulting engagements to Chief Information and Financial Officers, and Chief Information Security Officers in both the Defense, and Civilian markets
to include Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services (USCIS), US Department of the Navy, US Department of Labor, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency, Department of State, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the Virginia Military Institute and is a former Marine, and Diplomatic Security Service Officer. He holds the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and certified SCADA Security Architect certifications.


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