Join us on Tuesday, May 26 for our monthly chapter meeting with a special guest speaker:  

The Next Big Thing In Cyber Security
By Dean Lane

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2019 had many headlines covering the latest data breach, ransomware attack, or advanced hacking exploit. Unfortunately, those headlines are nothing out of the ordinary anymore – they represent our new status quo. Cyber Security, or any technical field, is ever evolving and will change in coming years; but for now, the answer for the next big thing is Cyber Intelligence. Come to this interactive session / discussion to learn the concepts of how to minimize security blind spots. This session will introduce the basic concepts of Cyber Intelligence as an enhanced method of Cyber Security. We will discuss Cyber Intelligence as an interdisciplinary look at Cyber Security and Intelligence that considers not only software, hardware, and fire walls, but also the human side of the equation. There will always be hackers and state sponsored attacks. Since it is a war that never ends we must ensure that we win every battle by staying ahead of the opposition.


Speaker bio

dean laneMr. Lane serves as the Senior Vice President of The Institute of World Politics’ (IWP) Cyber Intelligence Initiative. In this capacity, he is responsible for ten Cyber Intelligence Certifications offered by the University. Prior to joining IWP Mr. Lane was the founder and CEO of the Office of the CIO®; an influential consultancy and community of CIOs well known throughout the Silicon Valley and beyond. Members of the Office of the CIO included CIOs from Symantec, Facebook, Polycom, Brocade, Peet’s Coffee and 45 other top Silicon Valley companies. Mr. Lane has 30 years of hands on experience in the Cyber world, having been a CIO, as a practitioner, at four different companies: Honeywell Aerospace, ATK, Plantronics, and Masters Institute of Technology. Additionally, he held the Senior IT Director position at Symantec. Mr. Lane has also been a consultant for Gartner, AT&T (Teradata) and Ernst & Young. His experience is global and as found on the internet, he is considered an expert on Cyber.

Mr. Lane obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of California (UCLA) and his MBA from National University. He is Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) by ISACA and is also certified as a Master Project Manager. Mr. Lane served on the advisory boards of the State of California Veteran’s Affairs, Comtrade Inc, TachTech, and SFSU’s Center for Electronic Business. Mr. Lane’s first book, CIO Wisdom, is a Prentice Hall World-wide #1 Best Seller and a sequel, CIO Perspectives was published by Kendall-Hunt. His most recent book CIO’s Body of Knowledge was published by Wiley & Sons. During a Hi-Tech Economic Mission to Israel, he consulted with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barach. Mr. Lane is a highly decorated U.S. Naval Special Warfare Officer who served as the SEAL Team Officer for the Commander In Chief, Pacific Fleet.


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