Becoming a sponsor of the ISSA National Capital chapter provides a venue for the sponsor to improve their corporate name recognition among security professionals, it offers access to ISSA-DC members, and provides a partnership between the ISSA and the sponsor. The sponsorship only applies to the ISSA National Capital Chapter and gives the sponsor no benefits to the ISSA at the International level or benefits at the other ISSA chapters.



Gold Sponsor

Meeting Sponsor





12 months

1 month


-                 Sponsor's logo included in the rotating banner on the front page of ISSA-DC website and linked to the sponsor’s website, and short description of the on the Sponsorship page on ISSA-DC website.

-                 Full recognition on all ISSA-DC chapter communication materials including eNewsletters, announcements, and/or meeting flyers. Inclusion of sponsor’s offers/promotions/co-hosting event notifications in chapter eNewsletters emailed to ISSA-DC mailing list. (The content must fit inside the eNewsletter sidebar.)

-                 Rights to use “ISSA-DC partner” (or “ISSA-DC Gold Sponsor”) logo on sponsor’s advertising materials (including websites and electronic and printed media).

-                 Free annual National Capital Chapter membership for one member (must be a member of ISSA International.)

-                 Inclusion of sponsor’s logo and sponsorship acknowledgement (e.g. “This meeting brought to you by”) on the meeting page on the ISSA-DC website. (The chapter makes every effort to post the meeting announcement on the front page of the site. However the position of the announcement cannot be guaranteed.)

-                 Sponsorship acknowledgement on all sponsored meeting related communications managed by the ISSA-DC chapter including eNewsletters, announcements, and/or meeting flyers.


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Revision: March 2013