April 16, 2013 at 6:30 PM

ISSA National Capital Chapter April meeting topic:

Social Media Smarts

By Michael Janke



Social media is transforming how organizations do business. The speed, interactivity, and community aspects of social media make it ideal for ongoing customer and partner interaction, collaborative work of all types, timely or urgent notifications, and tailored-targeted ads and promotion.  Social media lets people communicate and work when and how they want, via richer modes and means of expression.


Yet, as with most things, the benefits of Social Media come have counterbalances. The access, speed, familiarity, and amplification inherent in social media channels raise the potential risks. Users need to be more vigilant about the content they communicate and exchange; have clear understandings of who will receive or have access to their exchanges; and keep legal and business implications in mind. For example, several retail organizations send product promotions over social media. These promotions are financial records and must be treated as such. To boot, the retailers must know who the recipients are, and carefully craft eligibility, terms, and any regulatory implications.


About the speaker

Michael Janke, CEO & Co-Founder of Silent Circle a Silicon Valley, Washington DC & London based Internet Tech Firm. Best-Selling author: Take Control- mastering the art of self-discipline.Board Member/Part-Owner -SOC: Large-diversified Defense Contracting firm providing Logistics-Construction-Security services worldwide.Owner and Board Member of Security Management Group International (SMGI) .Former Navy SEAL.



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Tuesday, April 16, 2013 6:30 PM

Government Printing Office
Room A138
732 N. Capitol St.
Washington, DC, 20401

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